REVIEW: Farewell video for me

believe it or not, last Thursday (27 July 2006) was my last day at AZAM! the place where I did my practical for 2 months (February - March 2004) and started working from April 2004 until July 2006. wow! 2 years plus .. i'm getting older!

so, my colleagues at AZAM, made me a farewell video! thanks to P. Michael for the idea, bro Kojack as the handyman n bro Nazlan for the part for capturing, editing n burning the video to the cd.

Instead of sad, i laugh so loud looking at them, fooling themselves for the video. thanks for all the thoughts n wishes! apart from that, i would like to thanks all of AZAM n SDI staff for the farewell gifts! love them so much .. plus additional gifts from Datu himself, teddy bear from faridah n others ..

Let us look at the photos from the video ..

click here for more

for anyone yg i x sempat jumpa like, kak kath, Bro Hizam, GM, sis Norita n bro Dawit, thanks for everything ..

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