Mandy Moore: Wild Hope


I'm not a good commenter, so, i will not say anything. but i can say that this album is 4 stars out of 5. Go Mandy! huhu.
here r the tracks in the album
1 - Extraordinary
2 - All Good Things
3 - Slummin' In Paradise
4 - Most Of Me
5 - Few Days Down
6 - Can't You Just Adore Her?
7 - Looking Foward
8 - Wild Hope
9 - Nothing That You Are
10 - Latest Mistake
11 - Ladies' Choice
12 - Gardenia
13 - Could Have Been Watching You
14 - All Good Things (Raw Version)
one thing, or two things i might say is the cd is playing in the car while i'm driving around kuching n through the speakers of the PC while i'm online or just using the PC.
this is a bit about Mandy Moore. Hehe .. apart from busy with her tour around US, album "Wild Hope", she will be featured in 4 movies this year. Licensed To Wed and Because I Said So are already out in the cinema. Meanwhile Dedication and Twist Of Fate some where this year. But I'm not really sure yet about Twist of Fate because I hardly found anything about it yet. I've watched 2 of them, which is Licensed To Wed and Because I Said So. Both are simple n light characters I can say. But she look stunning in both movies. can i say that? whatever! this is my blog, ok! huhu
below are the related websites:
2 weeks unemployed really making me crazy. but luckily the fasting month really covering my life coz i can wake up so late after Sahur (supper)! huhu ..

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