6th month. 6 months to go

Like it or not, now is already June 2008 .. that's mean, another 6 months to go to finish the year 2008 n welcome 2009 .. wow .. really fast the time goes by .. highs n lows .. expected n unexpected really make me think n hopefully will make me tougher to face the rest of the year ..

working in the new company, a big huge company indeed, really challenged me to the max .. with new environment, new friends n new colleagues sometimes make me think, am i on the right track? what am i thinking?

well, like it or not (again?), i'm now part of the company n have to respect my own decision .. u asked for it! working with this company, maybe most of u guys know what company i mean, is totally a new step in my life .. as a 26 years old, i still think that i may need to learn more about life n think or make the best decision for myself .. i don't think i can think as mature as others .. coz i still lack of experiences n a lot more .. i will need to do a lot more of thinking n making decision ..

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