7th Month, 5 Months To Go

huhu .. now is already July .. the 7th month .. another 5 months to go .. next week i'll be going back to Kuching .. huhu .. miss my mak, my bapak, my bros, kuching n a lot more .. thinking of not going to the Rainforest Music Festival also playing in my head .. luckily haven't purchase the ticket yet! i rather spend time with my family .. as this is my first trip back to Kuching after 8 months working here!

But then, what will happen to the friends that come together with me? their intention to go to Kuching is for the music festival .. i offered them to stay at my house n what will they think if i'm going with them? why shud i think about others? should i start think for myself? hmm .. still they can ask their other friend in Kuching to bring them there .. hmmm .. they do hv a friend or 2 in kuching ..

Yesterday went to Sunway Piramid with Ein .. window shopping n did some shopping .. mostly toiletteris n magazines!! haha .. hv to stand by some money to bring along to Kuching .. hmmm .. yesterday can't sleep .. tried to sleep at 1.30am .. instead of sleeping in the bedroom, i brought my pillows to the living room to sleep outside .. still can't keep my eyes close .. hmmm .. until 2.30am, i woke up n straight to the kitchen n cook myself eggs n eat with rice!! talking about rice, i had rice for 3 straight days!! there goes my "sorry, i don't eat rice" routine .. gosh ..

back with the story, with rice n fried eggs in the plate, i had my supper by watching tv until 3.30am .. still i can't sleep! wateva, i just lied down n i don't know the exact time i slept .. n now, working with my sleepy eyes, there are still 3 hours to go!! warghhh .. huhu ..
last week went clubbing n met a few new friends!! cool .. reached home, 6.30 am .. luckily i work at 10.00pm! how about this Friday? tomorrow to be exact? had an appointment already .. working at 2pm .. so there is no problem for me .. huhu ..

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