05 September 08: Outtings

yup .. yesterday was my off day .. went for outings n spent some times with my old friend ..

supposedly, i had an appointment with my old friend, Faiz at 11.30am .. end up, we met at 3pm! huhu .. i left home around 10.30am on a bus .. before that, i told Faiz that I 'm already on the way .. only an hour later he sent sms n told me that he just woke up .. as yesterday was friday, so offices are closed at 12.00pm for friday prayer .. end up i spent almost 2hours at One Utama .. walking around n window shopping .. huhu .. only around 2.30pm he called n told he was on the way .. n picked me up at around 15 minutes later ..
we went straight to Sri Pentas to collect a cheque won by Faiz under my name .. how much? just let the two of us know only .. huhu .. then, we went back to One Utama n he did some shopping .. after an hour there, we went to Ikano n Ikea to window shopping .. n when almost 7pm, then only we went out from there to look for somewhere to buka puasa aka break fast or fast breaking .. after dinner at the Curve, we went to Faiz's friend's house .. the house are so beautiful n peaceful .. decoration are simple n nice .. i just love the decoration .. especially the huge mirror on the wall n the dinning room .. so so nice ..
me n faiz reached my home at around 1.30am .. at 3.00am, we went out again for sahur n slept at 3.30am .. woke up this morning 8.30am .. n hv to come to work at 10.00am .. i am so dizzy right now .. just can't wait to go home!!

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