killing time

yup .. as what the title is .. i am killing my time in KLIA .. i'm on the stand by basis for KL to Kuching at 8.50pm .. doing nothing so i decided to go for a glass of iced milo n a slice of moist chocolate cake .. n kill the time with surfing the internet .. RM10 for 50min!! better i get a laptop n surf for free ..

yesterday was my 26th birthday! yup .. the 26th birthday .. a lot of people don't know n forgot about this date until the day before my birthday, i published them in facebook, friendster n myspace .. my 3 main social mediums .. can i say that? wuwu .. ok .. let me tell u what i did yesterday .. early in the morning, when i came in to the office, sara n min sang me the happy birthday song .. i'm blushed!! then, a few of my friends wished me happy birthday .. wuwu .. so excited .. then after work, i went to One Utama with ein .. there, we met up with zaim .. window shopping n had our dinner .. then faiz came with akym .. faiz told me, in an hour time, i must get one thing for my birthday .. he will pay for it .. with no limit! i was touched n can't really decide .. so, from shirts to shoes .. then sandals to i can't decide what i want .. i ended up sitting at the bench, tired! at the very last 15 minutes, he gave an idea .. why dont i get a perfume? so, end up, he bought me burberry perfume .. wuwu .. i do love perfume .. usually i will buy miniatures as they r so sute n easy to bring to here n there .. now, i have 4 of them .. i can rotately use them whenever i want .. my last 100ml perfume was CK Euphoria .. i'm aiming to get the CK Euphoria Intense .. but then, i already had CK Euphoria before, so i was adviced to get other than that .. what i had now is something really new for me .. i never had burberry before .. but i did try to use boboy's burberry holiday before .. not so bad actually .. but the one i have now, together with shower gel n after shave .. i never use after shave b4 .. so i have to learn a lot about after shave! wuwu ..

tomorrow, i will need to settle my passport .. FOC ticket is in .. so need to hv passport first .. wuwu .. cant wait for my first FOC ticket with MAS .. erm .. don't know where to go ..

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