KM 13

yesterday went to Cathay Cineleisure Damansara with Faiz, Akim n a friend of them .. sorry, forgotten his name .. we go n watch a Spanish thriller movie called KM 13 ..

Faiz n Akim came to pick me up at home .. after a while since i saw Faiz .. the last time was the trip to Vietnam with Faiz n his family .. while on the way, as usual, Faiz the so call contest-maniac called the radio stations .. while he was driving, he gave 2 of his mobile phones for me to call the radio station .. one of them go through the line .. with the answer given by Faiz, i won myself 2 PGL Musical 3 tickets.. woo hoo ..

i seriously want to go to the musical, but thinking of paying the tickets, it makes me to slow it down .. but now, i have 2 of them! for sure i will be there! thanks faiz! u r seriuosly got ONG la!!

p/s this photo taken in the cineleisure after the movie .. it was already after 1am!

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