New Year .. New System .. New Hassle ..

yup .. happy new year to all .. hopefully, everyone will have a great year ahead ..

today, our department started using new system .. but none of us really used to this system yet .. i even don't have the log in for this system .. as i deleted the info from my email .. i didn't realised that the email are important .. for that, i have to borrow my officer's log in to do my work .. that is not the only hassle i have to face ..

other that that, from only one system, now, there 2 different systems i have to check to do my work ..

today have to work until 1200am .. n 2moro start work at 700am! crazy me! but i will go back straight at 2pm .. so, i can just spare more time to sleep 2moro after work then .. huhu ..

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