just don't know what to put on the title .. let it be lah .. haha .. wah .. it took quite sometime for me to update this blog? hmm .. what have i been doing since a month ago? let me recall! hmm .. i cannot remember! oh ya .. we went to see x-men origin .. there were 7 of us .. wuwu .. love the story .. n i heard people say, star trek is even better .. need to check my schedule .. when can i watch the movie? it is ok for to watch on "Movie Day" .. where u pay less, but watching the same movie n seat on the same seat n have the same popcorn n drink ..

what else? oh ya .. finally, i managed to tidy up room .. after i left it for almost 2 month under no special care for me .. n what the most important, i found my Burberry London back! it was a birthday present from Faiz Daong .. love it as it has the masculine smell .. i do realized my choice of perfume nowadays has changed to masculine smell instead of sweet smell ..

CK Crave before this, i owned CK Crave .. i dont know what the hell they stop it? it is a nice perfume .. my 1st ever expensive perfume during my college years! hahaha .. even my mak love that perfume .. she bought one for herself ..

DKNY Be Delicious next will be DKNY .. a gift from a (girl) friend .. while shopping with her, i though she bought it for herself .. there were 3 of us mingled at the fragrance department .. after that, when we went back to the car, she gave the perfume to me .. i also love it ..

CK Euphoria
this was in Dec 07, after craving for almost 6 months, finally i bought it with my 1st salary from my current office .. what i think i was worth buying, it come with a free bag! huhu ..

then, i have CK Man, Diesel Fuel For Life, Prada, Mark & Spencer's Signature, Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy Men, Kenneth Cole Reaction (so fresh), Sean Paul Irrestable, DKNY Men (so sophisticated!) ..
Now, my target will be Dunhill London, CK Euphoria Intense (so sweet ..), Kenneth Cole Signature (so masculine, nice for dinner n .. huhu ..)

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