huhu .. i received quite a good news for myself thru email last nite, 15 jan 2010 .. it was something unexpected .. huhu .. but i don't dare to spill the details .. just let me hold on it until i grab the actual thing! huhu ..

i did my pms (or the performance test) with one of my supervisor, kak zila .. quite disappointed with it .. but still, i have to swallow as everything is on me .. i can't blame anyone .. but thanks to kak zila for the short conversation, at a quite private place at abg adzuar's place .. what we talked about, can't stop playing in my head! because i don't think i'm fit n strong enough to handle it if it is real! oh god, please give me ur biggest strength to me!

can't wait to go back to my nephew ukie in kuching! he is now 3 months old already .. the only way for to see his progress is by looking at the videos posted by my sister, thru her facebook! such a cute boy! just like his uncle aman! haha .. i just can't wait to picit his pipi (cheek)! sure he's getting heavier n bigger! i always tell my sister not to feed him so much! do not end up like his uncle aman, uncle pejal n uncle is! all r huge n big! do not get as fat as we are! not that i am not grateful with mak n bapak who raised us n fed us well .. but, just wait n see .. seriously, i am so miss my nephew! the first n the only nephew i have in the family so far ..

i'm in the middle of completing my Gossip Girl Season 2 dvd! the late dvd in the set .. i bought it last september, n i never have the chance to finish it .. i assumed that i might need to continue it at home .. as i'm so sleepy n i am now typing her for this entry!

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