7 jun

monday, the 7th of june, is a new start for me .. a new beginning .. a new step .. i never wonder it can be this fast .. yup, i am upgraded as an officer .. a reservation officer .. i put my goal for 3 years to upgrade myself in the office .. alhamdulillah, i manage to get it done by half a year earlier .. huhu ..

now, i will handle 12 new staff .. i was told, they selected me to do this job is because of my performance .. i don't see myself as a good staff .. a good performer in the office .. but thanks because they put the trust on me, to do this task .. they believe .. n they hope for the best from me .. a tough one, that i can handle hopefully .. *praying*

quite sleepy at this point of time, yesterday slept at 2am .. after picking up my brothers from skypark, i brought them to the mamak for late dinner .. reached home almost 1am .. a little chat, n i cant stand it anymore, i went to sleep ..

what funny about yesterday was, my parents confidently tell me that they are leaving penang .. but never buy any single ticket! end up, they have to get the ticket, in the late evening to kl .. n catch the komuter, to seremban .. then, to port dickson ..

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