Group booking/group travel

Rajin pulak nak anta post dlm blog nih. Ari nih, topik dier group booking aka group travel. Aku since march tahun ni, attached ngan group booking! From aswering emails, getting fare from pricing, updating tracker,sending quotation, creating reservations, chasing payment, issuing ticket, updating sales record, and arranging seats. Semua aku buat. Melompat dr group mesia, then jump ke group anz (australia n new zealand) pun aku pernah. Then now back to group mesia.
But my concern now is, the understanding from the public is, they will get cheaper or promotion fare if they travel in a large group or travel as a group! Sorry to let you know that the understanding is totally wrong! Coz for group booking, we can only get the same fare for all the group member n not in term of the lowest or cheapest fare! We still have to observe the flight load and we have to maintain or keep our market fare. Not blaming the public, because they don't know this fact. This is what we have to share with the public.
Daily basis, me n my team members will read the email and will check for the load. If the seats are still plenty, we will offer the lowest in our fare, I mean the group fare. Or else will send to pricing to get approved fare the particular group. Once we get the approval, then only we will reply the email with the fare quotation. This will take a few days before we can relply.

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