Happy New Year


Wow .. it's the 3rd day of 2006 .. n it's my 1st day @ the new division, ASK Centre .. New Year resolution? I'll stick with the same resolution for the last 2 years .. to lose weight! haha .. I never achieved the resolution yet .. it's a new thing when I have my blog in English .. just a new favour ..
u know what? i ordered a domain last year on the friday, 30 December 2005 .. hehe .. i was thinking of having my own [dot]net .. i'm not sure yet .. i still have few more days until this thursday, 5 Jan 06 .. because, 7 days after the order, if they don't receive the payment, they'll terminate the account n order .. it's only RM62 (16.4875 USD / 9.54357 GBP) .. the cheapest I can get for 30mb domain! i'm so envy with others with their own domain .. what should i do?
today, i've learn a lot about books cataloging .. what a tough job! wow .. but it's great coz i gained something .. not only free, but i've been paid to do the job .. (huhu .. I hope my GM will not read this ..) hehehe ..

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