2 Meetings in 1 Day & Bob Showcase

21 March 2006 I assisted GM with her presentation from 9.00am to almost 1.00pm! In the morning, actually I did finish her presentation n passed her the traditional diskette, a day before (20 March 2006). I xbleh tunggu coz adik pompuan aku dah tunggu for almost an hour! lepas dia bagitau suruh aku tunggu, dia turun kat conference lagi for our subsidiaries' meeting. for sure, they'll take more time. So, I sms her telling her that I have to go. That is not it. At 3.00pm, I attended another meeting. that is a meeting for us to update everyone about the progress of our committee. Ended around 5.15pm. I rushed home. One the way, my best friend sms n asked me to go to Bob Showcase @ Victoria Arms, Merdeka Palace Hotels and Suites! So, we went. Wether a bit late then scheduled, but worth paying RM25.00 to watch his showcase. I can give 5 stars for that. After showcase, I managed to lepak with Bob for a while because he's busy with an interview!

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