My Activities for 13 - 19 March 2006.

15 March 2006
Went for movie, as usual. The Movie Day. The ticket only cost us RM5.00 than RM8.00 for usual day n RM9.00 for weekends. There are 5 of us. We planned to watch the 9.00pm show. But when we reached the counter, there are only 1 row left. That is the front row! then, we look for the 9.45pm show, left 3 rows n so do the 10.00pm show. Finally, we decided to watch the 10.45pm! Gosh ..
While waiting, we walked aorund 2 kilometres from the cineplex to the McD coz we have no transport! Around 10.00pm, we walked back to cineplex.
The movie finish at 12.30am like that. then, my sister picked us up. after, sent my friends home, I reached home around 1.00am!
18 March 2006
I went to watch the concert. Luckily, I scanned the ticket for collection. On the day itself, they took the ticket n never return it! So sad .. I like to keep all my tickets.

This is the ticket.

After I picked up my buddy around 6.00pm, confidently we went to the MBKS Hall. When we reached there, there are no people around! So we aske the guard n they told that the concert is held in the stadium not the hall! haha .. when we reach the stadium, there are already alot of people around. we parked at the road apposite. Then, we walked to the stadium.
Stated on the ticket, the concert will staet at 8.00pm. But when the clock show 8.00pm, the emcee came out and chose 6 person at the VIPs to sing Lee Hom's song. To be frank, I don't know any of his songs .. Haha .. I came just to listen to his singing .. pardon me!
Around 8.30pm, Lee Hom come on stage and started singing the fast track .. nice voice and nice look .. Lee Hom is really good looking! Then, the emcee come out again n interact with Lee Hom. He complained the 2 speakers in front of him is not working well. After a while, he continue singing another 3 songs befor he say goodbye. I should know that it is a promo concert, so he just sing to promo his new album. for me, I can give 4 thumbs up with the songs n his performance that nite!

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