Finally ..

U know what this mean? I finally hired by a company! Starting Monday, 21 August 2006 I'll be working as a Sales Trainee. Ok lah right? Rather than sitting at home doing nothing.

Training will start tomorrow until Friday. This job starts at 9.00am until 5.00pm. I'll be selling services to companies. I can't really tell every details here! Contact or email me for further information. Chewah ..

My plan watching 9 movies in 3 days, I think will be in good hand. My parents coming on Thursday, so I will not have any transport problem because they are here! Phew! I'm glad! But, for sure my mother will not stop lecturing me because I'll be back around 2am for the 3 days!

I finally shaved my beard n moustache after I let them grew for 3 weeks after I left my previous working place. Am I glad looking back at the cute face of mine? hehe .. Below is the face with no shavins for 3 weeks!

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