Green Card Program - USAFIS

I received an email from USAFIS regarding their Green Card Lottery program. I don't remember I ever fill the form. But the sent an email to me saying that my application is approved! I'm so like "Wow! Is this for real?"

What really "bengong" was, I fill in my house number and send back to the email. Around 30 minutes later, I received a call, saying that she's Irene from USAFIS! They received my reply n want to confirm with me! She asked about marital status, my reason going to US n so on. I just answered what ever she asked. Lastly, she said that the Green Card will cost me $49.00 per year, n the green card is for 4 years, so she offered me $100 something lah if I pay for 4 years period! That will cost me almost RM500.00! OMG! I just say yes n she asked the method of payment! Do I want to pay using Mastercard? Man, I don't even have any credit card, she asked me about Mastercard. I told her I don't have any. Then she asked, so how am I pay for a car? I don't even have money to buy a bicycle dear! But I told her that I'm using my parents car! then, she said she'll email me the form.

When I think back, nak sebut kepala hotak aku ni gila pun ada! Buat apa aku hantar benda tu? Yes, she even said that the chances for me to win the green card is very high because I was born in Malaysia! my my my .. Do comment!

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