A special visit!


This is my cousin's son, Hakimi. He came with his grandparents, my anjang, last Sunday (6 August 2006). He's 2 years old if I'm not mistaken. So naughty, me, my youngest brother n sister have to follow wherever he goes! These picture taken when he stop running around, n disturb his grandpa! What so funny about this little guy is, he likes to take bath. He sometimes take 6 to 7 times a day! My anjangs (uncle n auntie) said, sometime they're surprised when Hakimi came out from the bathroom all wet!
One more thing, he loves soccer! Just like his father! Now, he lives with his father n grandparents. His mother left him when he's still a little baby! If me n my siblings are combination of Malay, Chinese n Melanau, this little nephew of mine is combination of Malay, Iban n Bidayuh!

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