Tri Generation Open Air Movie Carnival 2006


I bought the tickets 2 weeks ago. They only cost me RM9.00 for the whole carnival. 9 Movies for 3 days, 3 movies for each night! Can u believe that! The carnival includes Ant Bully, Poseidon and Omen 666 for the 1st night (18 August 2006). For the 2nd night, 19 August 2006, there are Ice Age 2, Superman Returns and Dragon Tiger Gate. And for the final night, there are Garfield 2, X-men 3 and Re-cycle.

To be frank, I've watch Superman Returns, Garfield 2, X-men 3 and Re-cycle! What the big deal! They are on giant screen!

This morning, when I try the website again for the how many times I don't remember, finally there are something! So, probably anyone in Kuching what want to join the carnival, please refer the banner included above. Below, I prepare the schedule for the carnival. Enjoy!

Source from Tri Generation Open Air Movie Carnival 2006 Website

Day 1 (from 8.00pm onwards)

Day 2 (from 7.30pm onwards)

Day 3 (from 7.15pm onwards)

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