Moving To Miri


Next week, officially I'll be in Miri! Why? hehe .. Working for sure! Why must Miri? It's a chance that I mentioned on the previous posting .. it was an offer by my bos to handle the business there .. I'm not alone, because one of the guys from here in Kuching, will accompany me there for a month.

what will happen after a month? He'll be back to Kuching n leave me alone with the business there .. u guys in Miri, get ready because I'll be there!

hehe .. actually i missed Miri so much .. 1997 was the last time i was in Miri .. almost 10 years! I used to study there for 2 1/2 years .. it was not in Miri town but about an hour from Miri .. the town in Bekenu .. for sure, I'll pay a visit there .. I miss the environment .. the beaches .. n my school for sure .. hehe .. lots and lots of memories there ..

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