Tying Knots, taking vows

how's the topic? nice rite? but sadly, it's not me that getting married .. it is my ex-coursemate getting married this weekend! her name? Sabtuyah Hazmi [hehe .. free advertisement for u dear!] .. but, i don't know the name of her husband-to-be .. u ask me why? because i don't know him .. huar huar huar .. i only know the bride only ma ..

in the other hand, maybe i'm leaving Kuching to the other part of sarawak within next week or the week after .. where i'm going? just wait n see .. hehe .. i will let u guys guess! huar huar huar [a very big laugh ..] .. it is sad to leave my close n new friends here .. but, what to do .. i need to go with my life! need to change a bit .. hopefully i can face the new life there ..

this is a challenge for me .. i never leave my family this far before .. i'm taking this because i've told myself .. i'll see which one comes first .. my study applications or my job's offer .. end up, my job ..

can't wait to meeting new people .. this month's totally meeting new friends for me .. hehe .. last saturday, i met 2 friends of my friends ..the week before, i met 2 of my friend's friends .. wow ..

photo credit: www.bridalgoddess.com

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