Raya Visit

Yesterday, me, Desmond, Farah, Farah's son Danish n her brother Hakim, Hiffi n Zedi went to Feby's house for Raya visit. We reached her home around 5.30pm. She prepared us fried beehoon, mashed potato, mixed vegetable, last portion of beef rendang, cakes n biscuits. we left her house around 7.15pm.
after sending farah, her son n her brother home, the rest of us went to boboy's house. until 10.00pm .. i went back home, changed n we went to Bing!. the 1st time i ever been to there ... nice place, cozzy n i love the environment! can't wait to go there again. thanks to Alex for buying d drinks!
Farah n son Hiffi n Zedy me n desmond

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