Entry 225: Welcoming 2011

the 2011 is just around the corner .. like it or not, u r heading to a whole new year, new resolution n hopefully, everything will go well n better than before .. never expect this will be so soon .. it was just like yesterday, we celebrated the new year for 2010 ..

resolution? i guess mine will be the same for the past few years! losing weight n getting a better health! maybe getting more incomes for the additional resolutions .. we never know .. hehe .. hopefully everything will go smooth as planned ..

surprisingly, i jumped to do something i never ever think of .. luckily, i did it n enjoying it .. hopefully to get more of it coming .. n hopefully, it will works! haha .. it is an extra income you know .. for me living far from parents ..

for sure, the best experience ever will be traveling to europe for a week .. the 1st time experience n it was great! i am so miss geneva, gruyeres, zermatt, provonce n also the welcoming families n their hospitality .. 13 hours flight was so tiring but it is worth spending so much time to reach there .. hopefully can revisit the same places or maybe somewhere near by!

for 2011, there are a few travel plans came up .. haha .. invitations from friends and also plans i have never raised up to certain important persons .. just have to doing OTs n keep more money .. maybe, 2011 is my traveling year! we never know .. we can plan, but everything decided by the all mighty!

saying goodbye to 2010, the year i learnt a lot .. good n bad .. happy n sad .. i can say some, did a bit made my more mature .. but i'm still the cute one! haha .. maybe i have to put aside all the fun first before i can get the result .. i will always hope for the best for myself, my family n my friends!

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