Entry 226

today is 30dec! congrats to Malaysia team for the AFF Cup last nite! so proud of them .. but, i didn't watch either of the matches here in malaysia or in indonesia .. but still i'm proud of them ..

because of the victory, PM declared 31 Dec 2010 as a public holiday! cool huh? i can't remember when was the last time, the previous or the other PMs declared public holiday on the spot like this? i barely remember .. might be when i was a little boy!

any plan for new year eve? not for me .. working 0700hrs on the first day of 2011! n there are n the is no new year plan or new year invitation .. so i'm afaid i will just spend my new year eve n new year nite at home, in the comfort of my own room! alone, most probably ..

still remember my new year celebration back in 2008 if i'm not mistaken .. at mutiara damansara, between the curve n ikea .. the street is full with human .. all sizes n in all colors .. hehe ..

so sad to leave 2010 behind .. n so nervous to welcome 2011! hope for the best coming .. hope to become stronger n wiser in 2011 ..

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