Konichiwa Tokyo 2016 (Part 1)

It took me only 2 weeks to really finalized my itinerary to Tokyo from 02 - 06 May 2016. With the help of my lil bro, Pejal, we managed to bring our parents to Tokyo!

01 May 2016
Me n my parents are already checked in as we are using my last n final FOC ticket. It was just my lil bro, Pejal taking the standby ticket from Kuching to Narita. KL to Narita was not a problem since the flight was half full! Luckily with the help of my friend in KCH, we managed to get the seat for Pejal.

We gathered in KLIA to take the flight to Narita Airport, Tokyo.

02 May 2016
Reached Narita Airport at around 0740hrs, local time Tokyo. As we do not really in a rush, so we just walked slowly for the gate to arrival. At the immigration, I am not sure why it took quite longer time for me to settle.

We went down to the train area to reload the Suica cards I borrowed from Kak Zila and Kak Jah. Since Pejal wanted to purchase the Suica card for himself, so I just follow his to the counter and he managed to buy 1! As for reload, we have to go to the machine. Luckily, there are instruction in English!

We took the cheapest transportation from Narita Airport to to the city! Since we need to go to Ikebukuro station to get to our apartment! From Narita Airport Terminal 2, to Nappori station only cost us ¥1030 each, around MYR38.00 by taking the Keisei Main Line Limited Express. Then, from there, we took the JR Yamanote Line to Ikebukuro Station, ¥170 around MYR6.30 each.
Waiting for the train to Nappori from Narita

My father

The bags keeper! While the rest of us went to the toilet

Nappori Station

At Narita Airport Terminal 2
At Ikebukuro Station, with the help of my lil bro, Pejal,  we managed to get to the surface and look for our apartment we paid from airbnb. So far, my parents just stayed at the apartment, whereas me & my brother went to Sunshine City nearby. Found the Daiso shop there at the ground floor, and spotted the Pokemon Center and Pejal surveyed the G-Shock watch for his friend.
In front of the Pokemon Center at Sunshine City

SEGA Building at Sunshine City

Inside the SEGA Building

Inside the SEGA Building

Inside the SEGA Building

Matcha McFlurry before heading back to the apartment
More photos

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