It is Ukie's 6 birthday on the 2nd October 2015. The day before, we had a family dinner at Hartz Chicken Buffet with the whole family. Bapak, mak, Pejal, Liza, Is, Mirul, Ukie, Apip & of coz the the teddy bear, baby Zafri!

After dinner, we had a birthday cake at home. An emergency cake, with Doraemon face on it. In stead of putting the old style "Happy Birthday Amielza Marzuqi", I asked the staff to write "#ukieturns" with a number 6 candle. Supposedly, "#ukieturns6". But the white choclate was a bit small to fit all the wording.

On the 2nd October, have to rush back to work as I am working in the afternoon. Managed to prepare some goodies bags for Ukie's friends at school, with the teachers. As the theme was Doraemon, me & Liza (the mother) managed to get Doraemon lollipops, sweets and mini apams. 


Me with the birthday boy!

The party pack in the goodies bags.

Doraemon lollipops, Doraemon sweets, chocolates, raisins, stationary & party packs for the goodies bags. 

The mini apams

The candies and sweets for the goodies bags

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