Last week, my parents and my nephews came for the School Holiday Trip. They stayed at my place for 6 nights, plus 1 night at the First World Hotel in Genting!

Thursday, 26 May 2016
They reached KLIA on the 26 May 2016. Since I was on duty, my cousin went and picked them up n we met at Subang Skypark Terminal, before I took over and sent them home first. The boys followed me to the office until I was off duty. I brought them to the nearby shopping mall, Star Avenue aka Arena Bintang for dinner, at Texas Chicken.

Friday, 27 May 2016
On the 2nd day, the 27 May 2016, we did not go to anywhere since I was on duty in the morning til 5pm. So, we just had our dinner at home.

Saturday, 28 May 2016
On the 3rd day, the 28 May 2016, I had an appointment with the service centre to service my car (named Shrek) at 12pm. The original plan was, my cousin (me and my siblings called him Abg Ah Ming) will picked them up and bring them to Sunway Lagoon. But since, my other cousin's (Ah Lok) wife's flight was cancelled on the the day before (27 May 2016), her flight was scheduled to reach KLIA2 in the afternoon. So, they have to picked her up from the airport. So for not giving so much trouble to my cousin, Ah Ming, I decided to dropped my parents and my nephews at the Citta Mall, while I sent the car to the service centre.

Due to so many cars at the service centre, I spent 2 hours there! Then, I rushed to Citta Mall for lunch with my father and the boys at Nandos, since my mother is 'muak' (queasy) with chicken, she went for lunch alone at the Onde Onde and she had 'rojak'. Then, we went straight home since I need to go to work at night.


Sunday, 29 May 2016
I reached home home at 7.30am from work. We had 'roti canai' for breakfast, and additional 1 'nasi lemak' each for me and my father! Then I went straight to bed. I woke up for lunch at around 1pm. Then at around 2pm, we were ready to go to One Utama! The boys took photo with the Bumble Bee car since there was a 'Autobots Rolls Out by Toys'R'Us' promo there.


I have to renew my onecard for me to enrolled the boys for free the onecard kids+. So, the boys received a free notebook each! (Below photos taken at home)


On the way to the car, Apip saw the eggs capsule vending machine and insisted to get on of those. The trick was, to have 2 pieces of 50 cents coins to get 1 egg capsule! At the that time, I only have 1 piece of 50 cent coin. My parents had none. So I walked around that floor to get the coins. Managed to get 2 pieces at the Teh Tarik Place and the other 2 at Kluang Station! Then, we ran to the vending machines to get 2 eggs. Actually, there are fish food inside! So, spent some time feeding the fishes at 2 small ponds!


Next stop was the Setia City Central Park and Setia City Mall. Brought the boys to the park for afternoon walk. Spent some time at the playground, took photos at the fountain and had dinner there.


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