Entry 230: Amielza Marzuqi & Amielza Afif Adlan ..


Amielza Afif Adlan (baby Afif) - 08 Jun 2011

Amielza Marzuqi (Ukie) - Born: 02 Oct 2009

Ukie looking at his sleeping lil bro

8 June 2011: my lil sis, liza delivered her 2nd baby boy, Amielza Afif Adlan .. weight 2.9kg at 0040hrs! after admitted for 2 days since the 06th june .. look exactly like his big bro Amielza Marzuqi .. so excited to see him in the morning ..

woke up around 700am n follow my mak to Sarawak General Hospital to see the 1st glimpse of the new addition of our family! so excited! weeeeeeee .. only after around 2 hours, we are allowed to see her .. but i don't dare to pick him up! he is too small n so beautiful .. (mcm aku lak yg beranak! haha) luckily he came out on that day! if not, i will go back empty handed! my purpose to go back to kuching just to see Ukie n hope to be there for my sister when she deliver ..

i was not around when Ukie was born .. but so excited to see the photo of him posted on facebook by him mother, only after 2 days he was born ..

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