Entry 229: April 2011

Hola .. this is the 2nd last week of April 2011 .. that's mean, another 3 more months before puasa (fasting) month, then Hari Raya! huhu ..

quite excited coz going for a holiday trip with my friends .. it's a decision made really in a sudden .. i don't even think much, i just simply say yes to the invitation ..

this month, i get a raise in my salary, it is not much really, but i am quite grateful with the raise .. hehe .. a yearly increment .. but still, i get a headache to pay my bills n save saome for my pocket money for this month! erk? n even the coming months .. haha .. n even now, i have to pay the monthly installment for ein's car .. he's in Chennai, India for 4 months, starting from this month, April .. til Aug .. so, I'll be taking care of his car, Justin .. that includes the monthly installment .. kind like a way for me to practice when i have my own car in the future .. hehe .. extra in my budget are the monthly installment & the fuel! wow!

about the holiday trip with my friends, it is really a decision made without thinking too much .. now i have to think of paying the expenses n things .. waaarrrggghhh!!

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