Entry 228: January, February n March!

Hey! This is the almost the end of the 3rd month 2011! so fast rite? can't even recalled what have i done for the past months ..

just a simple updates .. went back to Kuching at the end of January .. to go n check my cute nephew, Ukie n of course my parents n my siblings! So so very miss them a lot .. that was 29 January 2011 - 2 February 2011 ..

on the Chinese New Year eve, I flew to Kota Kinabalu n stay with Uncle Rahman or Dr Rahman n Mama Rosmina n their family .. for the record, this is the 2nd time for me to have a vacation with my friend's family, other then my own .. because of they are friendly, so far i can blend with them .. especially the Gila-ness of Mama Ros! haha .. quite a vacation, I can say ..

we went to Manukan Island on the Chinese New Year day .. there were 12 of us .. me, boboy, ein, dr rahman, mama ros, ewan, eiq, jajot, aizat, reza, hafiz n zara .. wow! i can remember all their names now! i mean Mama Ros' children (eiq, jajot, aizat, reza, hafiz n zara) .. as before, i only know them by name .. but now i know who they are .. huhu .. the trip from KK to Manukan Island was only MYR400! what a bargain? for 12 people, consist of 8 adults n 4 children .. with banana boat ride for 6 people n snorkeling tools for 6 people as well! and i am quite impressed with the boy that handled our team .. i can't recall his name .. but he is always there to check up on us .. n he even make sure the boat is ready before we leave the beach to the jetty!

the banana boat ride really challenged me! why? as i am a person that can't swim, given only a security jacket .. haha .. i don't know what to say .. we went for snorkeling at noon! like, 1200pm in the afternoon! so damn hot, n we went snorkeling! i got a little sunburn n my skin turn dark! way darker than usual! hmmmmm

on the day b4 i leave kk, mama ros brought me to the Philipines market .. where she bought kuih cincin n i bought myself some baju melayu studs (buttons) n fridge magnet for my collection .. there she came up with an idea to do some business! she will become the supplier for the baju melayu studs, n i will sell them at the office .. quite a brilliant idea actually! haven't proceed anything yet .. but, for sure i have to make a really fast move as hari raya is just a few more months to come ..

in march, i get involved with the series of workshops handled by our department .. the workshop called soft skills! it is a good workshop to enhanced our office as we r going for a transformation .. hehe .. the 2nd n 3rd workshop, i stayed in at the academy hotel .. thanks to kak dayang jaja n sis juju teng .. they gave me the extra room, as they have one room each .. but the prefer to stay in one room, because they are afraid of dark! huahahaha ..

our transformation cutover will b 15 apr! hopefully everthing goes well! a for this transformation, i will be in the group booking team .. where as we will handle bookings in a big number of group .. started sending request for quotations from the respective department, n they replied! hehe .. i saw my teammates issued the ticket .. n a haven't got the chance to issue or close a sale yet! huhu .. still a long way to go!

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