Baking projects

Recently, I have baked a few cake for some events.

1. 16 Jun 2015. Belated birthday and pre Ramadhan gathering by MH oWL Helpdesk. 3 layer choclate cake with ombre style icing.

2. 20 Jun 2015. Belated birthday for my nephew, Amielza Afif Adlan, advance birthday for my brother, Mohd Faizal and advance Fathers' Day for my father, Abu Bakar Jahan.

3. 30 Jun 2015. A friend of mine ordered 40 red velvet cupcakes for him to give to his friends.

4. 08 Jul 2015. A belated birthday and Iftar gathering with Greynians. 3 layer chocolate cake with white chocolate filling and ombre style pink roses icing.

Or click below for more baking done by me

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