Ramadhan 2015: Day 18: The funny story

Earlier today, me and a few of colleagues decided to order Domino's Pizza for Iftar. So we did the order via the website. The website is so beautiful and user friendly, and I have fun doing the order. It was at 4.30pm, and I have selected the order to sent at 6.00pm, hope that the oder will reach the office just nice for Iftar.

At around 6.40pm, I called Domino's Call Centre to ask about the status of my order. Mr Akma told me, the delivery boy will reach my place in 5 minutes.

A few minutes later, my housemate called saying the delivery boy is at home with my order! After spoken to the delivery boy, he said he will send the order to my office address.

At around 7.15pm, Subang Perdana branch called telling me that the order will be sent late because delivery boy have to come back to the branch, before sending the order to my office. Admitting it was my fault, I agreed to get the order 30 minutes later.

Exactly after the Azan played on the television, I saw a guy in blue shirt came in to my office. It was Mr Tajul, with my order, 15 minutes earlier than expected. At that time, I was ready to break my fast with just warm water (sedihnyer!), waiting for my order to came in 15 minutes later.

Knowing that Mr Tajul, came in with no food for breaking fast, I gave him a can of chrysanthemum tea (teh bunga). I know i was nothing compare to the effort Mr Tajul took to send the order right on time.

So, we had our pizza happily, and sent a compliment to Domino's hope that they will appreciate him as a very good staff! And, he keep on apologizing for the delivery delay even though the silly mistake was by me! Well, that is customer service!

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