Ramadhan 2015

Today is the 3rd day of Ramadhan! No where can compare fasting at home! Wake up early in the morning, dishes are ready for Sahur (sahoor, i saw in the internet). But, there something special as I have experience some "1st time" experience.

To start with, the day before Ramadhan. My father and I went to Swee Kang, which is one of the famous ABC (Air Batu Campur) shops in Kuching. That day was my 1st time I have to wait for a table! It took me around 20 minutes, to get a table for me and my father. The ordering part, I have used to it as we have to wait some time to get the order to reach our table. But, it is fine for me.

At the night of the 2nd day of Ramadhan, which was last night, again another 1st time experience happened. The 1st time ever I went for a lepak with a monk (a sexy monk, a friend of mine refering to). Hehehe. Or a tall, dark, handsome monk! Hahaha. Forgive me. We have been friend for almost 10 years! We used to work in the same company, looking for customers here and there. We have the ups and downs for sometime before I moved to Miri then to Subang. Met him once in KL a few years back. Before he started to become a monk a year and a half ago. Last night, it was so cool when all eyes are on you, but I mean on him really. A young monk lepakking at a coffee shop in Kuching. Hehehe. When I was in a shop with full of chinese youngsters, I do not look to much different as I am half chinese with chinese features! Hehe
Taken from my IG account instagram.com/amanmattali

Happy Ramadhan 1436h/2015m!

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