25 & 26 Sep 2015: With The Amielzas


The Amielzas are Abang Long Ukie (Amielza Marzuqi), Abang Ngah Apip (Amielza Afif Adlan) and Baby Zafri (Amielza Zafri Ashraf).

On the 25 Sep 2015, brought Abang Long and Abang Ngah to McDonalds. Originally, my plan was to have mi ayam at Satok Fly Over Cafe. But, it was closed. So, we sent to McD. The counter was great. They gave them mini sundae cones and toys. And we ordered the Happy Meal for both of them. And again, they were given the toys! So, each of them have 2 toys! Haha

The next day, 26 Sep 2015, we had breakfast at the Satok Fly Over Cafe. Finally! Hehe. And all 3 of them are there.

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