Idul Fitri 2006

this year, we celebrate our raya aka aidilfitri or idul fitri in saratok .. a small town where our parents work .. preparation are simple as usual .. this year, mak do not bake any cakes or biscuits because of busy with renovation of our house in kuching ..

on the 24 october, which is the morning of hari raya .. mak n bapak were busy with their sate .. while i'm taking my bath, my uncle (my mak's younger brother) called to wish her .. after prayer, while we're having our raya breakfast, another uncle (mak's older brother) called from houston ..

after breakfast, we drive to sarikei to visit my bapak's family there .. about 45 minutes of driving .. at first we planned to go to sibu, to visit my mak's sister (older one, also a muslim like her) .. then, my uncle want to bring us to bintangor .. so, boring because none of them we know or close with .. i keep on waiting my parents to call, because only 4 of us followed my uncle, my parents stay at home .. i wait her call so that we can go to sibu .. because in my head, i want to for shopping there!

after come back from bintangor, mak said cancel the plan to go to sibu .. i keep n forcing mak to go there .. at last, she agreed! hehe .. but, because it is a bit late, after spending an hour at my aunties' house, we went straight back home! so sad ..

on the second day, nothing really interesting happened .. it's only that i went for visiting to my friends house in the evening .. on the 3rd day, we go back to kuching ..

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