Today is the last day of 2013. It is a great year for me. So many things happened. Good and bad. Allow me to learn things.

Still with the same company for the 6th year! Finally an upgrading and working in a new unit. But it is the same unit I was a year or two before. Sad to leave the skills and knowledge I have gathered back after I was transferred to inbound from outbound. And I am back to outbound! Haha. With a different boss, with a different way of working.

Traveled to Seoul with most of my family members. Leaving behind my sister and her 2 boys was not something we wanted. But, my parents brought them to KL and Langkawi. Am happy that the boys love their trip! Especially the zoo negara trip! Even though by taking public transport. Ukie aka Abang, the eldest sure love elephant so much! My cute nephew! But, their naughtiness is a challenge for me!

Trip to Seoul made me see my 2 brothers are little boys no more. Only then I realized that they are now in their twenties and I am in my thirties! Man! I am old! They have their research and know what they wanted there in Seoul. Taking the subways by their own in foreign country! Kudos my brothers. Found their Kpop cds and gundams! Unfortunately, I cannot leave me parents with the tour. If not, I am sure that I will follow them too. Maybe the next coming year.

Seoul also witnessed me took the challenge to ride the 9th fastest wooden roller coaster in the world! T Express! You are no more a challenge for me! Haha. But it was the scariest 2 minute in my life. After T Express, other roller coaster is nothing for me. Hehe.

I took the challenges to become a ticketing staff! 15 days at the ticket counters really challenged me physically & mentally! Facing customers face to face is not something I ever think I can do. Well, I did!

Again a trip to Bangkok! The 2nd trip after the earlier one in Nov 2012. Walked around like I was in Malaysia. The public transport can bring you to almost any part of the city. The BTS? The cabs? The busses? The tuk tuk? I have tried all of them in Bangkok! The Chatuchak weekend market? Almost all part I have explored. Hehe. Cannot wait for the next trip to Bangkok.

I guess there are still more I missed in 2013. But, hey. 2014 is like a day from today! We will see.

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