Konichiwa Tokyo 2016 (Part 3)

04 May 2016
From Ikebukuro Station, we went to Tokyo Teleport Station, to go to Odaiba (¥530 around MYR19.00). From there, we went to Toyota Mega Web, Venus Port and Gundam Front!

At Toyota Mega Web, unfortunately there was no English interpreter on that particular day! I planned to get bapak to test drive the car there, but he don't want to. So instead, we just just took a lot photos of the cars there.

From Ikebukuro station to Tokyo Teleport station

Just to get the Japanese characters. Hehe

The Lego guy at the Tokyo Teleport station

Me with the Lego guy

In front of the ferris wheel

Mak so loving this Harrier

Bapak with the Toyota Allion

I fell in love with this green Toyota Passo K series!

Me & bapak inside the car.

Me with the DeLorean DMC 12! Featured in the Back to The Future Trilogy!
Then we walked to Gundam Front at DiverCity Tokyo Plaza. There we had our lunch at Sojibou (info here http://www.gourmet-kineya.co.jp/search/list.php?gid=11&erid=21), located at the 6th floor of the mall. The easiest way to identify this restaurant is, when you reached the 6th floor with the escalator, the shop will be on left, but you have to walk to the back, Just near by the Daiso shop in there! Took us almost half an hour for our turn to have lunch there.

My brother spent around ¥30,000 around MYR1110.00, for his Gundams!

Then, we sat outside the DiverCity Tokyo Plaza, facing to the giant Gundam! The wind was so strong too!

Mak photobombed my picture. Hehe

Mak with the giant Gundam

Wefie with the Gundam

The display at the restaurant

The display at the restaurant 2

Bapak & my brother waiting for our turn

Had this for lunch. I love the fried egg on top of the rice. So yummy!

The Gundam from the back

My brother with his Gundam shopping
After we reached our apartment, my brother continued his Gundam shopping at Akihabara. Me and my parents stayed back.

More photos

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