Konichiwa Tokyo 2016 (Part 5)

06 May 2016  
Today is the last day for our trip in Tokyo. Went out to bring our parents to get the souvenir t-shirts for themselves. End up, they did not buy one. Look for boxes while Pejal go and buy some Gindaco Takoyakis! Funny thing is, the outlet is just next to the normal exit we went to access the Ikebukuro station. While waiting for Pejal, mak managed to take some pictures with some beautiful orchids, her favorite flower! Luckily the apartment owner allowed us to checked out at 1pm because the normal check out time is 11am!
Across the Ikebukuro station, East Entrance

Mak with orchids

Heading back to the apartment

The famous Gindaco Takoyaki
Stop at Nippori Station from Ikebukuro Station. Went to the Nippori Textile Town, and mak managed to buy some "kain" for her baju Raya.

We reached Narita Airport at around 4pm. Just spent some time walking around the airport. Duty free shops, restaurants and more shops. There are 2 halal restaurant at the 4th floor, Terminal 2. One with Malaysia certificate and the other one is from Singapore.

Pokemon Store at the Terminal 2, Narita Airport

Had dinner at La Torque. Forgot the name of this dish
Reached KLIA at 4am. My parents flight connecting at around 8am. Check in counter only open after 6am. Bapak couldn't wait, and had Nasi Lemak at KLIA! Hahahaha

Waited at the check in counter with Pejal, since he is on standby. Luckily he got the flight and got his boarding pass at 8.00am! After that, I when back home. But, went for a wedding reception with my colleague. Finally reached home at 8pm!

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