Konichiwa Tokyo 2016 (Part 4)

05 May 2016 
Before heading to Shibuya, for a lunch appointment with Kak Maryati, me and my parent went to Shinjuku Station (¥160 around MYR5.90) to go to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building. Both of the towers have an observation deck, and they are free! Instead of going to Tokyo Skytree and Tokyo Tower, where you need to pay to go the observations deck.

At the Shinjuku Station, bapak bought a pair of shoes at a shop for quite a discounted price, since that day was the last day of the Golden Week holidays in Tokyo. Me myself, bought a running shoes! Hehe

We went up to the Tower 1.

The underground facility to TMG (Tokyo Metropolitan Government) Building

Lets go!

View from Tower 1

Also the view from Tower 1

Leaving the TMG (Tokyo Metropolitan Government) Building

Me and my parents!
Key chain I bought at the TMG (Tokyo Metropolitan Government) Building
Next, from Shinjuku Station to Shibuya Station (¥160 around MYR5.90) before we took the bus to Kak Maryati's house for lunch. Originally, supposed to be at 12noon, but we reached at around 12.30pm!

From Shibuya Station, we have to take a bus to her place. Almost 10 stops if I was not wrong. I know Kak Maryati when I went to Geneva a few years back. She and her family did stay in Malaysia for almost a year in between this meeting, but never has a chance to see her. Now, when they moved to Tokyo, we meet again! Hahaha

During our short conversation, I was so impressed with the system that with send message via the tv and smartphone, whenever there is an earthquake in Tokyo, maybe the whole Japan have the same system. Good to have Malaysian food abroad! Since we only eat instant noodle and onigiri in Tokyo! Hehehe
One of the buses at the bus station

In the bus

My parents in the bus

On the way to Kak Maryati's house

Me and Kak Maryati!

Shibuya Crossing

Starbucks Matcha ice blended

Nearby Shibuya Starbucks

At the crossing

Hachiko exit
Me and my parents head back to the apartment. After we reached the apartment, me and my father went for a walk around Ikebukuro. Then my brother met us at the Sunshine City while me and my father was at the Starbucks.

After we went back to the apartment (again), me and brother went out again to walk around Ikebukuro.


More photos

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