me in the new working environment!

Today, is my 2nd day in the operation room as a Reservation Assistant at MAS Office in Subang. Like yesterday, the domestic calls are so slow, that I can sit down n have continously e-mailing my best pal in the other department. We do talk a lot of things through the e-mail. Hopefully, I will not get caught illegally surfing the Internet too. Haha ..
As a very shy person, I will take a bit longer time to get closer to the seniors. I do aware of that! But what else I can do? It is my nature! but according to my best pal aka my housemate, I do improve so far. Luckily for me! But what I can say is, I do improve in front of my close friends. But not to someone I've just met for the first time ..
back to my working place .. it already 1 hour now .. n i only answered 2 calls instead of the target of 12 calls per hour! it is ok for a starter, but it is not for me! i have to show that i can do better than that! i can't disappoint my pal who have brought me here! but seriously, the business today is damn slow .. i just don't understand, most of the seniors are now answering calls, n not for us, the juniors! probably because of their skills .. some of them doing international booking, first n business class, enrich n even Golden Holidays .. maybe coz of that .. as us the juniors, we only have Domestic Booking on our belt ..
having someone in the organization really an advntage for me .. as like yesterday, i have met the officer who will handling us for a month .. but one thing i don't like when she told the rest of us, that she already knew me from my pal .. this will make people think that i'm using my pal here! i don't want people thing of that! hey .. what ever! i have to show them, that i can do the best!
on the new year eve, i just spent my time at home .. watching tv n surf the internet! i know it will be a crazy idea to go down to KL to celeb8 .. but there is one funny thing when i watched the tv, when there is a time different between a private tv channel with the government tv station .. it is hard for me to explain, but the easiest way to say is the government tv channel is a minute ahead from the private tv channel ..
wow, this is a seriously a long entry for the start of 2008 .. hope to spend more time here to give u guys updates n crazy stuffs i'm doing here .. if my pal is reading, sik boh nak shegeh .. haha .. chow .. muahh u ols ..

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