What a day!!

today is the 1st day for me to wear the working attire again after 5 days working with t-shirts n jeans! haha .. feel so weird! hv to wake up early to iron the shirts n trousers .. not like the week b4, just pick up t-shirts n a pair of jeans, n off u go!

actually, it's something cool to become a normal person again .. working hours is just like the others .. wearing what people wear to go to work .. going back almost the same time as others .. haha .. cool isn't it?

while answering call, i received a call by somebody that not satisfied with certain thing with what my working place offered .. i just listened n almost at the end of the conversation, the f*** word came out! i was so pissed but hv no other way than just shut up n listened ..

plus one more thing when i hv to take over others work n when that particular job done wrongly .. the worst when u get blamed by others fault! damn s*** man .. i can't take this! huhu .. what happened to me? why become so emotional?

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