Working mid night shift ..

today will be my 3rd day working midnight shift .. starts from 10.00pm to 7.30am .. quite interesting shift as it totally diffenrent from usual day shift .. where u can wear tshirt n jeans to work! like the first day, we had mamak food .. like myself had 2 roti telur! haha .. later the next day, nothing special as no one going out to get supper! hehe .. n tonite, we ate KFC as for myself Snack plate, contain 2 pieces of chicken with coselow, whipped potato n bread .. seriously something not really practising ..

but yesterday was really somethig crazy as i had chickens n a lot of food at Hartz Chicken Buffet!! n continued with KFC chickens! me diet really ruined!! help me .. nah .. it was nothing as it is only this time ..

later in the evening, i will come to work at 7.00pm to 10.00pm for overtime n continued with my midnight shift at 10.00pm to 7.30am .. but it is ok for me as i will get off day on the saturday .. tha's mean, i can get my long lost sleep after the midnite shift for a few days ..

really had a great time doing mid night shift .. i don't really feel sleepy at all! cool .. can't wait for the coming midnight shift again ..

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