another updates for april

wow .. quite active posting blog these days .. huhu .. what i want to say here? hmmm .. ok .. yesterday was payday .. first thing after withdrawn some money from the account, as usual my fave magazine, then top up for my phone ..

today shud be my rest day, but i changed to monday coz following my bestest fren to rawang .. after that, we planned to go shopping!! haha .. kinda cool .. can't wait for monday ..

in a very short period of time, a already hv another 2 of i can say as close friends that i can share my stories with .. might be another one on the way .. huhu .. me so glad .. especially when i really need somebody to talk with .. i can say as only one will not be enough .. whether they r close, but still, i have to separate a few stories with different friends ..

oh ya .. just want to wish happy belated birthday to a few of my friends who r celebrating their birthday on the same date which was fall on 25th april .. Anding Indrawani Zaini, Desmond Sim, Hiffi Salang n one of my officers in the office Kak Fairouz .. n a lady name Siti Aminah Zakaria, celebrated her birthday on the 23rd April .. hope u guys had a very happening n wonderful birthday this year ..

after not attending gatherings for a few years, on the 1st of may will be the come back!! huahahahaha .. i've also swapped my off day on the 2nd may with 1st of may so that i can go to the gathering! can't wait to see all of my friends .. close or not, it doesn't matter .. the most important is the spirit of meeting people n EAT!!!!! huahahahahaha .. have to get something to wear on the 1st of may!

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