Updates Again

there's high n low for me this week .. even something i expected n unexpected .. but hey .. i'm still around .. working hard for myself ..

yesterday, i was recommended for confirmation on my job .. huhu .. am i happy or what? sure i'm happy ..

not much to say now .. just busy with work .. friends n a lot more .. busy with facebook too .. huhu .. what am i talking? haha .. don't know really what i want to say .. but i really need to share my feeling with someone or else i will go crazy!! warghhh .. What am i thinking? Seriously! I am emotionally drowned with problems, feelings and works .. i'm just a small (small? am i?) person in this lonely world ..

too much of the feeling, making me stupid, dumb, idiot n useless n what other same meaning word equal to all these words .. just why can't i use my brain to think before giving feeling away? now, who is suffering? me! yes .. whether it is only last for a month, but when looking back, i got all the hints but i seriously ignore them! but then, i can't also blame the other person .. hints r given .. but i ignored them! well, feeling can make u stupid .. what i can do now, to accept that person as a friend .. a close one i hope!

financially, i am a bit of broke .. waiting for the pay day will take another a week time .. with the really small amount of money, hv to budget until the day! wah .. what a week .. here n there r problems ..

life must go on .. accept everything as experience n every chapter that we learn in classes .. seriously, i'm not blaming the other party .. might need to think like an adult now .. huhu ..

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