I Know. This is Another Updates ..

29 April 2008
Bought Nokia 1200 for my second number. huhu .. finally, i don't have to turn off the phone, take out the sim card, change the sim card n turn back the phone back .. huhu .. apart from the phone, they also give away a new number .. that's mean i hv 3 numbers! thinking of give the 3rd number to my sister but she's not interested with 012 number .. she prefer the 016 ..

28 April 2008
In the morning, went to Kuala Kubu Baru to handle some stuff there. What was disappointing me the most is, when the people in the particular office was not there when Boboy did an appointment with that person. He, n us waited almost an hour before that person came back from their tea break!

In the evening, we went Fadzilah's house for dinner. At first, he told us he's going to cook. But, when we were there, we saw his parents in the kitchen doing the cooking! All of us were there. Me, Boboy, Ein, Afza & Zaim were there. But Afza left earlier.

After dinner n spent some time talking to Fadzilah's parent, we went to watch "Congkak" with my friends..

27 April 2008
Straight from the office, Boboy n Ein brought me out. We went to window shopping until we went to One Utama! Bought some items. Such as working attires, under garments n toiletries .. huhu ..

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