Welcome May 2008!!

I know that today is the 4th day of May .. It's not late for me to wish welcome to the month of May rite? The 5th month of the year .. N that's mean, 6 more months, I'll be a year older!! Wargggghhhh .. So so stressful la!! Me getting older, but still in the body of a young cute boy .. huhu .. So, here goes the updates for the past few days ..

1 May 2008
On the 1st May was the Labour Day. I changed my rest day on the 2nd May with 1st May because I had a Anding Birthday Gathering at Senja Bistro in somewhere at Jalan Sultan Ismail .. Before heading there, me n 2 of my friends went lepak in KLCC to get a present for the Birthday boy .. N i bought myself a red t-shirt! I was targeted to buy the white or navy blue one since a few days back .. But I bought the red one instead. What a tough decision to be made ..

2 May 2008
Because I changed my rest day on this day, me supposed to work 3pm to 11pm .. But I came for the 7am - 3pm shift .. End up, me have to go back home n came back to work again!! Wargghhh .. So funny n embarrassing all at once!! *blush*

3 May 2008
On the correct track, 7am - 3pm n overtime straight from 3pm - 8pm .. After reached home, cook myself dinner n watched AIM 2008! With my so heavily sleepy eyes, me watch the show until the end .. Some of the winners are expected .. N as usual, Dato' Siti Nurhaliza winning her own league .. Except for the Song of The Year n the Album of The Year .. At least she was not empty handed .. Not really sure she (still referring to Dato') should be performing the tribute segment for Wirama Winner .. She should get her own segment .. It is not that Dayang n Atilia is not good to performed with Siti, it's just that people are expecting more from her then a collaboration performance on the day .. Plus, the other performers are performed just before their nominations .. I think she should get the same chance as they are .. Whooopss .. So much of Siti Nurhaliza .. I should talk more on myself!! Haha .. Don't get angry .. This is my place what?

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