Back to the root

wah .. finally, i'm back in kuching .. after 9 months leaving kuching for KL for work .. so so excited to finally see my parents .. one funny thing is, i was sick, on fever actually 2 days b4 .. some of my friends said that i'm home sick .. maybe ..

last 2 weeks was something really interesting adventures i ever experienced, i can say .. meeting new people n hang out with them r really great .. i just have to be myself .. i don't have to cover up .. i just be me .. but what i regret is, i can't really cope with them .. i'm still me .. the silent n uncool person .. i do want to talk to them, to get know more about them .. but i can't .. n i don't know why .. but most of the time, i will need a few more meeting for me to cope or get along with them ..

BTW, later will bring my friends around kuching b4 to the Rainforest music festival .. the 1st time ever i will attend this festival .. though i live half of my life here in kuching .. haha .. friends really influents u to do sonething rite? haha .. don't get it wrong ok ..

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