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wow .. puasa n raya is just around the corner .. what boboy said yesterday, really open my eyes .. i quote what he said ..
"just go back n meet ur family during raya .. appreciate ur family while u still have urs .. don't be like me, all are on our own .. i will just go to daddy's grave n give some money to the kids .. enjoy ur raya will u still can .."

i'm quite touched n speechless .. because already set in my head, that i will celebrate my raya this year, here with him n the rest of our group of friends here .. maybe i will go back a week before raya, during the puasa .. or maybe a week after the raya .. have to really work on the annual leaves than .. told mak already that i'll be back either one week before raya or one week after raya .. need to tell her again reagrding this than ..

came back from kuching last saturday .. had my a day break yesterday .. spent some time at home, doing laundry n some clean up .. then went to The Curve for window shooping and actual shopping .. even had my haircut there .. huhu .. let's talk about the short trip to kuching ..

reached Kuching International airport 10 minutes aerlier than scheduled .. my brother picked me up from the airport n tommy took jay, sara, min n dinee to the hotel .. at home, bapak n mak was asleep .. they don't really stay up late nite unless the raya eve, where they have to prepare the food n the rest .. around half an hour later, i received a call saying that i will need to pick up the boys n stay with me .. it's not a problem actually, coz i was already planne the some will be staying at my (parents') house .. so went there n had some drink before heading home ..
instead of the original plan of waking up at 9am, i end up picking up the girls at 10am n went back home with the almost an hour later .. had 2 bowls of mak's Laksa Sarawak .. so happy that the rest also finished their laksa .. after brunch, we went out to the museum .. because sara so eager to see the crocodiles .. the rain can't even stop us to go for our "primary school trip" to the museum .. went there for almost 1 half n half .. the rain still pouring ..

nest stop is the Civic Centre .. so that they can see the whole of Kuching .. it had been years for me since the last trip to that place .. for almost 1 hour or so before we went to the Kuching office .. met some of the staff n spent almost an hour there before we moved to get our tea break .. we had some ABC n rojak .. a typical malaysian afternoon tea break .. i had 2 bowls (again?) of the ABC .. haha .. later, we head to the hotel to take a nap before we go to the Rainforest Music Festival ..

at last, everyone awakes n ready at around 8.00pm n heading to get dinner before we go to the RWMF 08 at around 10.00pm .. reached there at almost 11.00pm .. most of us though the 1st day event will last until 2 or 3 am .. end up only until 12.00am!!! so disappointed, but then interesting coz it was the 1st time i experience the festival ..

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