July July ..

hehe .. blogging from the office .. where else? this is the only place i can surf the net as long as i want, without paying anything! haha ..

just to update u all what i did last few days n what are my plans for the next few days or weeks .. on the 25th july, was my off day n went to buy furniture for our bachelor house .. bought a two-seat sofa n a set of four-chair dining set .. satisfied with what u bought n finally i bought something that useful for the rest of my life! haha .. so serious kah? in the evening, went straight for clubbing until 7.30am! luckily i switch my shift to the afternoon shift .. because supposedly i work for morning shift, 7.00am to 3.00pm .. had my hick ups since this date! slept for a few hours before go to work ..

26 July, saturday .. afternoon shift, 3pm to 11pm .. reached home at 11.30pm .. 1200am, my housemate brought me to kl to meet his friends until 4.30am reached home again .. n went to work with office transport at 6.00am! how's that? still with hick ups plus i hardly speak but still working ..

27 july, sunday .. 7.00am to 3.00pm .. still hick ups .. come n go .. cough, sore trout .. supposedly i have overtime from 3.00pm to 8.00pm, end up i have to canceled because i can't hardly speak .. plus the hick ups, so embarrassing n not proper to speak with the hick ups .. the original plan, reached home n cover my sleep .. end up just a nap n we went to sunway piramid to have dinner at 5.30pm at hartz chicken buffet .. the roasted chicken over there have lost the magic .. not as nice as before .. quite disappointed when there are no ice cream available .. usually i will have the ice cream as my dessert .. reached home 11.00pm .. iron my cloth for work n do this n that .. online for a while n slept at 1.30am ..

that's all for now ..

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