August is in ..

wow .. today is the 1st day of August .. the 8th month of the year n what special for this month is, MTV Asia Awards (MAA) finally in town .. n to add in, it is the Independent Month, "bulan Merdeka" la in Malay ..

This year's MAA is held in the City of Entertainment, Genting Highlands .. I'm so proud of that ..

other than than, this month is the independent month .. the end of the month, whisch is on the 31st of august, will be the 51st year of Malaysia's independent! n do you know that, most of the Asian countries is celebrating their independent also in the same month .. i just noticed that a few days back from the email from the hr side regarding public holidays in August 2008 ..

the biggest event for this year, will be the 2008 Beijing Olympic which will be held on 08 August 2008, that is 080808 .. the very good number for the Chinese .. huhu .. i love the buildings and the structures in Beijing that built specially for the event .. the airport .. the stadium .. everything .. i'm so eager to pay a visit to Beijing one day .. with my foc ticket from the company that will be released by the end of the month ..

talking about the foc ticket .. i haven't decided yet, which destination will i go .. first, i'm thinking of going to Venice, because of the gondola .. then, Tokyo, because one of my close friend is going to celebrate the new year there .. now, i'm thinking of going to Shanghai or even Beijing because of the fantastic n marvelous structures over there .. errmmm .. Maybe Hong Kong because of the Hong Kong Disneyland .. seriously, i haven't made my decision .. now, jakarta n singapore is in the queue .. just let the time decide then .. must try to get at least a Digital SLR Camera .. to take marvelous n great photos during the trip .. to get the camera is another case! must find a way to get the camera ..

i'm so stressed now .. just received the f**king bulls**t caller .. booking on business class .. but don't know there are 16 digits for credit card number .. repeated the same 15 digit for 3 times, still not admitting his fault .. on the 4th time, suddenly came out the 16th digit that i've waited for 3 times .. at that time, i was so pissed off, questioned about the credit card no n he didn't atdmit his mistake .. p*****k .. h*****g ..

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